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and while i don't care for green eggs and ham, I do love...

nature, walks, riding my bike, gardening, and a simple life. Once, for 12 years I lived off grid in a small town in the mountains of southern Oregon and created art in a studio made of straw bales. It was truly magical and inspiring.

I could always smell the sweet scent of the thick, wavy walls and stayed cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I loved to perch on the deep window ledges and daydream while watching the seasons change in the garden. Poppies exploded in the spring and red ripe raspberries filled my belly most summer mornings. Bugs and birds and foxes and owls visited. There was even an outdoor shower with flagstones ringed with thyme, spongey and fragrant under my bare feet. And, without an electric dryer during that time, my clothes always smelled of sunshine or the hearth, depending on the time of year.


These days I call south Florida home and am loving watching manatees from my balcony, hearing the squawks of great blue herons day and night, the colorful, sunshiny days, warm tropical breezes and the beautiful ocean sky at sunrise.

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